Gaining Insights into HR at M-DAQ: A Summer Internship Experience

Ong Xin Er, a Final Year NUS Psychology student, shares her experience as a HR intern at M-DAQ.

Gaining Insights into HR at M-DAQ: A Summer Internship Experience

6 January 2023

Xin Er (second from the left) with the HR Team

Greeting everyone! I'm Xin Er, a soon-to-be graduate from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology (Honours) and a minor in Communications and New Media. I joined M-DAQ as a HR intern in early August 2022, fresh-faced and unsure of what to expect from my first HR internship, having only had experiences in communications and social media roles. Fortunately, I ended up having a fruitful time here, leading me to transition into a full-time intern midway through my internship period.

What stood out to me most about my experience at M-DAQ is undoubtedly the people. From the moment I joined, I was struck by the warmth and friendliness of my colleagues. Whether it was offering assistance when I encountered a challenge, or simply being available for a conversation, the people at M-DAQ truly embody the company's commitment to its people-first values. This made my first HR internship a much more manageable and enjoyable experience as I always felt supported and empowered to learn.

Within my department, I had the autonomy to direct my own work, as well as the freedom to express my ideas. Along the way, I picked up a myriad of new knowledge like the various hiring processes and employee engagement. One of the highlights of my internship was being a part of the organising committee for the M-DAQ x Wallex end-of-year celebration. It was a fun, collaborative effort that brought me closer to my colleagues across departments and at Wallex.  It was satisfying to see the party brought to life and garnering positive feedback from the attendees.

Xin Er (second from the right) with fellow interns

Moreover, something that really differentiated M-DAQ from my past workplace environments was how diverse the teams are. At M-DAQ, diversity is celebrated and embraced, and it shows in the makeup of the team. With representation from 19+ countries, I had the chance to connect with colleagues from all corners of the world. It's always an invigorating experience to interact with someone from a different background, especially when they're open to sharing their unique stories and perspectives. Working in a diverse environment has opened my eyes to new perspectives and expanded my understanding of the world!

The company also values employee welfare greatly through active efforts alongside regular feedback sessions. From weekly cookouts to monthly birthday celebrations, M-DAQ's team-building efforts and traditions are a staple in fostering strong connections and a sense of community among employees.

Interning at M-DAQ has been a truly empowering experience. I felt valued and a part of the family from day one, and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn here. To future interns, I highly recommend taking advantage of this one-of-a-kind experience and becoming a part of the M-DAQ family too!