Visit by MBA Students from SMU COX School of Business

M-DAQ hosted a group of MBA students from SMU Cox School of Business, bringing in fresh perspectives for a successful knowledge exchange.

Visit by MBA Students from SMU COX School of Business

27 April 2023

Earlier this afternoon, we hosted a group of MBA students from the United States' Southern Methodist University (SMU) COX School of Business, as part of their International Consultancy Project at our headquarters in Singapore.

The project provided the students with an opportunity to apply their learnings in the real-world business context. Working with M-DAQ's mentors, the students had the challenge of researching, collecting and analysing data to propose strategic recommendations on business opportunities for the company.

Following a tour of our office space, the MBAs shared a presentation packed with refreshing ideas and insights, sparking a lively exchange with our M-DAQ team. The visit concluded with a Q&A session with our Founder and Group CEO, Richard Koh. He shared his startup founder journey and also spoke on how embodying a co-founder mentality can ignite passion in employees.

It was a good learning experience for everyone involved. As we remain committed to nurturing the education of the next generation and championing fresh ideas and strategies, we look forward to hosting more of such sessions in the future!

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