Navigating the Engineering Landscape at M-DAQ: A Software Engineer Intern's Experience

Prajwal Bellakka, a NUS Year 3 Computer Engineering undergraduate, shares his internship experience as a software engineer at M-DAQ.

Navigating the Engineering Landscape at M-DAQ: A Software Engineer Intern's Experience

30 November 2022

Prajwal (on the extreme right) with M-DAQ colleagues

Hello! I'm Prajwal, a NUS student in Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering. When I was looking for internship opportunities two semesters ago, I chanced upon M-DAQ’s job posting for a Software Engineer intern role on my university portal. This was in line with my interest in software development and design, and despite knowing little to nothing about M-DAQ at first, I took the leap and applied for the role. During the interview, I was intrigued by the projects undertaken by M-DAQ, and I could feel how eager my interviewers were about the projects too. Inspired by this passion for their work, I chose to join M-DAQ in early 2022.

During my seven months at M-DAQ, I worked mainly on building a full-stack release management program for the company, along with some data engineering side projects. I was able to use a variety of technologies such as Django, React, Docker and Kubernetes, honing my skills in writing readable code while incorporating various design patterns to allow code to be reused for different frameworks within the project. I also learnt how to structure the backend to enable parallel processing to optimise build pipelines and significantly reduce backend processing time.

Photo credit: Enterprise Singapore

M-DAQ’s work-from-anywhere policy also facilitated my work performance. When collaborative effort was required or when I was stuck, I would come to the office to work together with my fellow intern and/or supervisor. When independent work was sufficient, I found it equally satisfying to work from home.  

One of the highlights of my time at M-DAQ was the great work culture. People were friendly and always eager to chat, and there were numerous opportunities to bond with colleagues. From lunches cooked by the staff to having monthly birthday celebrations, the M-DAQ work environment is always comforting to be in.  
I would also like to thank my supervisor, Parth, for always guiding us during our development cycle. I have learnt a lot from you from our seven months of casual conversations and have gained a better perspective on my future education and career pathway. I would also like to thank Sriram for constantly being there for technical discussions and Ripin, for supervising our standup meetings and lightening the mood in the office. Lastly, I would like to thank my fellow interns for making my journey in M-DAQ pleasant. I wish you guys a great journey ahead and would love to see you around! Adios!