Behind the Scenes at M-DAQ Data Engineering: An Intern's Experience

Making a Difference at a Fintech Internship: A Data Engineer Intern's experience at M-DAQ.

Behind the Scenes at M-DAQ Data Engineering: An Intern's Experience

9 December 2022

Lloyd (second from the left) with the interns

I'm Llyod, a former Data Engineer Intern of M-DAQ doing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Computer Science at NTU! My curiosity has always driven me to discover the nexus between data and software engineering, along with my deep passion for the thriving fintech industry. Therefore, the golden opportunity for me to pursue my interests appeared when I came across the M-DAQ intern posting on my school portal. My time at M-DAQ was a fulfilling one with many opportunities to learn and grow.

At M-DAQ, I was able to leverage on the hybrid working model and hot desk seating policy that allowed me great flexibility in directing my own work and enhancing my performance. During my time there, I was part of the Sunray data engineering project and had the opportunity to expand my skillset by learning new tools and technologies. I became more competent in writing clean and resilient codes and be more independent in my work. Seeing my code go into production was an extremely rewarding experience, knowing that it would contribute to the ongoing work of the data team.

I also had the chance to meet many new people during this journey — supervisors, fellow interns, colleagues in other departments. Despite M-DAQ’s growth in the past decade, every employee still possesses a startup mindset, and the flat hierarchy makes communication easier within and across teams.

Finally, I would like to thank my supervisors, Parth and Megan, for being patient and helping me with my work. I have learnt a lot from our work and joining you guys in data team discussions on architecture and implementation. Also, to my fellow interns, thanks for accompanying me on this internship and making my time a fun one. I will surely miss these times. To the others who I have met, it has been a pleasure knowing you. I wish the best to everyone and hope to see you somewhere again soon. Continue changing the world, M-DAQers! 😊