A Hopping Good Time: M-DAQ and Wallex ushers in the Year of the Rabbit

A celebration of unity, hard work, and success, M-DAQ and Wallex came together for a lively Lunar New Year dinner.

A Hopping Good Time: M-DAQ and Wallex ushers in the Year of the Rabbit

25 January 2023

The M-DAQ and Wallex Teams

The Lunar New Year celebration was an evening filled with scrumptious food, uplifting performances and a feeling of unity. The atmosphere was electric as the M-DAQ and Wallex teams came together to celebrate this special occasion.

Our Founder and Group CEO, Richard Koh, set the tone for the evening by reminding us of the significance of the Lunar New Year and expressing his appreciation for the hard work and dedication of all staff. The dinner commenced with the celebration of our January babies and a plateful of chocolate cake for everyone!  

As the delicious Teo Chew dishes rolled out, the interns warmed up the crowd with their renditions of "Billionaire" and "我的未来不是梦 (My Future is Not a Dream)", 2 songs that embodied their hopes and aspirations for the growth and prosperity of M-DAQ. For the interns, it was an experience out of their comfort zone: "As nerve-wrecking as it was to be on stage, the practices we had belting out the tunes together was an enjoyable bonding moment to bring us closer."

As the night progressed, we had the opportunity to see our M-DAQers kick back and unwind in endless laughter. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know our colleagues on a personal level. The staff serenaded the floor with their vocal talents — from Richard singing "带我去月球 (Bring Me to the Moon)" and a powerful J-ballad by Noboru and our Japanese speaking colleagues, to more upbeat tunes like "Gangnam Style" from our Korean staff and "The Lazy Song" from the Wallex team!

The dinner was a fantastic occasion for the M-DAQ and Wallex teams to come together once again, with the spirit of unity and teamwork well and alive. It was a celebration of unity, hard work, and success. Thank you to everyone who made this night a success, and look forward to many more of such celebrations in the future!