Meet M-DAQ's Employee Number 3: Jeraline

Say hi to one of M-DAQ's earliest trailblazers and Employee Number 3, Jeraline.

Meet M-DAQ's Employee Number 3: Jeraline

Hi I'm Jeraline, you can also call me JD! I am a member of the CORE/SRE Team here in M-DAQ.

Passion and teamwork are important. If the team is successful, everyone wins, for there’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team”.

What's my typical day at work?
I usually start by going through my Skype messages and emails, checking if there are any issues that need attention. In the afternoon, I will have lunch with my teammates or friends from other departments.

Afterwards, I will either continue working on my projects or meet up with the scrum team if required. At the end of the week, I will review my project goals, collate what have been done and present them to the team in the catch-up session we have every Friday.

How's working in the CORE/SRE team like?
We work together to offer our best services to both internal and external stakeholders. Apart from work, we do have fun during lunch, and outside of office hours. Recently, we used our cohesion fund and had a team dinner where we had drinks, food and on-going chat on life, work and anything under the sun. We hope to do more team-bonding activities like this in the future.

Any advice to those interested to join our CORE / SRE team?
Join our team if you want to learn the new technology that we’re using, in a helpful and supportive environment. Another advice I can give is to possess the following qualities that can be represented by our company name.

M : Motivation. I work for my family.
D : Determination. Know your purpose and goals.
A : Authenticity. Be true to yourself.
Q : Quality. Work with quality and excellence.

What's M-DAQ Culture like?
What makes M-DAQ great is the close-knitted family culture. We greet each other by first name with a smile, which makes me feel valued. The company is also very supportive, encouraging us to explore our full potential and even allowing us to switch roles like I did. In terms of the office, I like using the kitchen because of the ambience. There are snacks, drinks, and you can feel free to try everything. Also, the sofas there make you feel really at home.

JD is M-DAQ's employee number 3 and was formerly from JPMorgan.